Talking Television and Values.

Values Framework

This is an outline of the values that will be addressed on this site and the general stance that this site will take for or against various issues. While, this isn’t meant to be an all inclusive framework of the values that will be discussed, it will help to establish a lens through which we will address values and television.

As stated in the “Whose Values” section, these are not meant to be a statement that these values are right or absolute. But rather, it is to provide the reader with a window into the thoughts and ideas of the author.

I. Family

A. Two-parent household

1. While the two-parent household isn’t always a reality in society, it is still an American ideal

2. Television should promote this ideal, while not ignoring the plight of single-parent families

3. Two-parent households should be married couples

4. Two-parent households should be heterosexual, monogamous husbands and wives

B. Parents should actively rear their children

1. Parents should be portrayed as the primary caregivers of their children

2. Parents should not be portrayed as ignoramuses where their children know more than themselves

3. Parenting should be portrayed in the healthiest light possible or at least conflicts around parental flaws should be resolved through the development of proper parenting skills

C. Children should show proper respect to parents.

1. Children should be disciplined for rude and inappropriate behavior towards either parent

2. While rules will be broken as part of plot development, children should rarely “get away” with rule violations, and appropriate discpline should be shown.

II. Sexuality

A. Marital Sexuality

1. Married couples should be shown to have a happy and healthy sex life.

2. Couples should be seen flirting and genuinely enjoying and loving each other.

3. Overtly sexual behavior should not be displayed on television.

B. Extramarital Sexuality

1. Extramarital sexual relationships should not be portrayed positively

2. Non-married sex should be portrayed as dangerous for all parties

3. Protection is not enough. Commitment through marriage should be the standard

C. Teen Sexuality

1. Teenagers should never be portrayed as having sex

2. Teen sexuality should be addressed with the main objective being marriage before sex

3. Teen pregnancy should be portrayed with all the negative aspects that are the reality

4. Dating should be portrayed as a happy and fun time for teenagers and doesn’t need to be clouded with sex

D. Modesty

1. Less skin, more cloth.

III. Language

A. Profanity

1. Television profanity has become more liberal over the years

2. Profanity should be extremely limited

B. Sexual Innuendo

1. Too much sexual content is hidden in language

2. Sexual innuendo is an opening to increased sexual content on television

IV. Country

A. American Heritage

1. More respect and portrayal of our history needs to be presented

2. A deep love of our country should abound in the characters

B. Current Events

1. Support for our country needs to be portrayed more

2. Political events need to be addressed from many political perspectives fairly

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