Talking Television and Values.

Mission Statement

The main mission of TeleValues is to critically discuss television. The latest in television programming will be presented from a critical point of view for both the theatrical merit and the values perspective.

While the format hopes to provide an open forum for discussing television and its influence on societal values, it is first a critic of television, and not a discussion of values. Honest critiquing of the theatrical merits of a program will come first. However, the values oriented content of the programs reviewed will not be ignored, but rather integrated into the criticism of the program.

As values vary from person to person and no one set of values can be treated as the best, this site will present a framework of its value system so that readers can use that as a guide to help them discern the perspective of the author and the contents of this site. It is not intended to present these values as flawless, but rather as a guide to understanding the criticisms presented.

Honest respectful criticisms of the programs discussed are welcome and encouraged by the reader. However, the right is reserved to remove content that is derogatory towards other readers and the author. Also, the right is reserved to remove comments that use profane language as determined by the author.

The mission is to provide an entertaining and informative venue for all people to discuss television. It is also to provide a medium for people to discuss how television effects American values and if the current direction is good for society.

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