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American Heritage in American Fun

Posted by Travis R Grant on August 21, 2006

If you like the reality TV show the Amazing Race, the Disney movie National Treasure, and the highly anticipate movie the DaVinci Code, then you were probably looking forward to this summers new reality show Treasure Hunters. I have to admit, I was at the least a bit curious.

Mostly I was curious because I wanted to see how it stacked up against the Amazing Race, my personal favorite show. I also enjoyed National Treasure. The DaVinci Code only briefly intrigued me but not enough to actually read the book or see the movie.

However, I wasn’t curious enough that I have watched every episode. I finally remember to watch around episode 4 when the Wild Hanlons were eliminated. My very first impression was that the clues were too easy, and that the show worked a lot like a PBS documentary. That is not to discount documentaries. But if you are watching a reality game show, you won’t be as interested in facts and figures.

I managed to remember to watch episode 5 and its to-be-continued episode, where the Browns were eliminated. And I still felt that it was a little too documentary like and the clues to be too easy. However, I realized that the reason the clues appeared to be easy is because they dropped too many hints (or outright told the viewing audience). So, as a viewer the challenges seemed a lot easier. That didn’t bother me as much. But, I think that they shouldn’t be so eager to give away the clues in future productions.

Then I missed a couple of episodes and have finally remembered to watch the last two. While it still feels like a documentary, I am more interested in the facts and figures because it shares with us our American Heritage. This is a lot of where National Treasure comes to play in this show. It really is about America, our roots, and how we became the great country that we are.

To be honest with you, although I would like the documentary feel to be taken away, I hope that they run this again next summer and be sure to include the history of our great country. If they could take away the documentary feel then they would have the best show of the summer. The American Heritage aspect is this shows number one redeeming value, but also the real American’s aspect is also very refreshing for a reality show.

The Wild Hanlons, the Browns, and the Geniuses are just real Americans having fun on American TV. Sure, they didn’t go far (accept the Geniuses), but they were real Americans, not like too many reality shows that have a disproportionate number of “pretty-faced” Americans.

I look forward to the Treasure Hunter Finale tonight, and I am personally cheering for the Geniuses, despite the fact that it appears I am in the minority. Otherwise, I hope it is Air Force that wins.

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