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The Nine Pushes Values, But Keeps My Interest

Posted by Travis R Grant on October 20, 2006

I intentionally left The Nine off of my fall preview list. I just wasn’t sure how this show would play out. While the concept interested me, and the characters intrigued me, I just wasn’t sure if it was going to be a good show.

I have been watching The Nine on ABC’s online video broadcaster, and I have to admit that it has intrigued me. Mostly, I have been intrigued by the father-daughter relationship in this show.

If you haven’t watched The Nine before, it is about nine people who had the unfortunate coincidence of sharing the experience of a bank robbery gone wrong that turns into 52-hour hostage situation. During this standoff two people die, one is the bank guard and the other is a bank teller.

The plot for this show is to see how the relationships of these nine people develop after they are freed. Not all of the relationships are headed in a positive direction after the incident, but they are all closer than before.

As I mentioned, one of the most intriguing relationships is that of the father and daughter. The daughter, Felicia Jones (Dana Davis), comes into the bank to ask her dad, Malcom Jones (Chi McBride), if she can borrow the car. While there she uses the bathroom and exits only to find out that the bank is being held hostage.

Well, Felicia is traumatized by the incident. She can’t remember what happened, and she even begins to believe that the standoff was her fault. I won’t tell anymore in case you haven’t caught any of this show. However, I can say that it is very heart warming and wonderful.

Another interesting character is Egan Foote (with and e, at the end of the Foote and not the beginning of Egan). Foote (John Billingsley) came to the bank to get a loan for a boat, but his wife wouldn’t approve. However, before he leaves he goes to the restroom where he contemplates suicide, but it prevented because he is startled by someone who comes in. He drops the gun in the toilet. However, he is still caught in the standoff.

Foote ends up becoming the hero of the story. Perhaps his true motive is an attempt to commit suicide by the criminal. That hasn’t been revealed yet.

The interesting development is that Footes’ life changes completely. He uses his new found fame to renew his life and take on the things he has always wanted to do. I am still waiting to find out if he buys the boat.

This show pushes the moral boundaries in that Dr. Jeremy Kates (Scott Wolf) tries to kill one of the criminals who was injured and is now housed in his hospital. While eventually he reveals to Nick Cavanaugh (Tim Daly), who is a police officer, that he tried to kill the criminal, they both conspire to hide it if possible.

This really bothers me. I know that I can’t understand what it must have been like, but I sure would hope that I would have a stronger backbone than to kill someone, and then to hide it afterwards.

One saving theme is that in the most recent episode, there was a very pro-life message. Lizzie Miller (Jessica Collins) is pregnant with Cavanaugh’s child, and she contemplates abortion. However, after a false alarm that she might lose the baby, she realizes that the child is life, and that she can’t get rid of the baby.

I will keep watching. Probably online and on my schedule, but I will keep watching. I hope that the moral high road is continued to be followed.

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