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Posted by Travis R Grant on September 19, 2006

Studio 60 is supposed to be the greatest show of the season. Says who? The bought and paid for TV critics are acclaiming Studio 60 as the next great thing in television.

The show opened with a diatribe about conservative religious groups preventing television from producing art. Art was the most important factor on producer’s mind. If I can remember anything about the speech, little was said about what the audience wants. We the audience must want art, and yes we do. However, we also want our values respected.

They argue that this is simply a First Amendment issue. However, it goes further than that. It comes down to the fact that the audience doesn’t matter anymore. And that is why more and more people are turning off the television.

To try to add credibility to the show, Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson) is a religious Christian, but she doesn’t seem to represent the values of most Christians. She would have loved to be in the bit titled “Crazy Christians” that was expected to offend many from the Christian community. She wanted to be in the bit because it was the best writing she had seen in years.

Paulson’s character is just complete evidence that they don’t understand the Christian viewing audience. They think that to a real artist, the art comes first. However, if Harriet Hayes had truly “accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior,” (her words from the show) then I think that she would have stepped up for the right thing.

The effort has been extensive to put together a great cast (like Matt Perry and Bradley Whitford) with some excellent cameos (Ed Asner and Judd Hirsch). And that will definitely draw a lot of viewers. It will especially draw the attention of the bought and paid for critics which will in turn draw more viewers.

This is also a show starring egomaniacs about a show full of egomaniacs. Nobody needs to act, because they will just be playing themselves. To entertain me, show me someone who can be something other than himself, not a bunch of actors playing themselves.

This show doesn’t do it for me. Sure the acting is good, the directing is top notch, and the writing keeps up. However, the agenda is too obvious and the direction is too profane for my tastes.

Studio 60 will last for at least a couple of years on the air. It will have a big enough following to keep it going. However, it will be the biggest attack on American Values that we have seen in a long time. Because the media’s rights will be portrayed as more important than your rights.

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