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Imaginary Raines Entertains

Posted by Travis R Grant on March 31, 2007

When I first read about Raines, I was wondering how many more talking to the dead shows we need. Then I realized that Detective Michael Raines (Jeff Goldblum) doesn’t really talk to the dead. He just imagines them.

So, then I start wondering if we really need another Monk. However, after watching the past three episodes, I realize that this isn’t Monk, and frankly, I think it is a lot better.

Prior to any of the first episode, Raines’ partner, Detective Charlie Lincoln (Milka Yoba) was killed and Raines is taking it pretty hard. So hard, that he sees the victims that he is investigating as he works on their cases. He even talks to his old partner in his imagination.

He is not however seeing their ghosts. He only imagines them, and the victim’s character is slow developed as Raines learns more about them. Last week’s episode started with the victim all covered in seaweed and half eaten by fish, until Raines sees a photo. Then the victim becomes normal.

Last night’s episode we see the victim’s clothes changes as Raines learned more about her. She went from looking like a homeless woman, to a suburban mother like individual.

These imaginary individuals, however, don’t tell Raines more than he already knows. Sure sometimes they help him talk through problems to understand possible solutions. However, they don’t tell him anything more than he already knows.

It really creates a very interesting story line, and helps you to understand better how Raines puts the cases together. It really is an excellent literary tool.

It is a really interesting premise and is very enjoyable. The monologue at the beginning is a little too Dragnet, but it does work for this show, especially when you take into account that Raines talks to himself (or his imagination) throughout the show.

I will keep watching and enjoying Raines. It is perhaps the best new premier among this mid-seasons releases.

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