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Fall Preview: Kidnapped

Posted by Travis R Grant on September 8, 2006

From the first moment I saw a preview on TV for Kidnapped I was intrigued. I have recently given up on Without a Trace, for reasons that I might address later. But I really enjoyed the element of searching for a missing person, and Kidnapped, could fulfill that need.

However, as I learned more about this show, I had some concerns. The basic premise is that 15-year-old Leopold Cain (Will Denton) is kidnapped shortly after his father hires a bodyguard (Mykelti Williamson) and takes out a ransom insurance policy on his son.

So, Leopold’s parents, Ellie (Dana Delany) and Conrad Cain (Timothy Hutton), at the advice of a friend call in an expert, Knapp (Jeremy Sisto). They don’t call the police, perhaps from fear of the kidnapper. As the story develops it also seems that they have some family secrets that will be revealed.

Well, my major concern was the hiring in of Knapp. A former FBI agent who quit because he felt that obeying the law was too constricting. So, he became a high-profile missing persons private investigator. Knapp’s blatant disregard for the law concerns me.

However, this character adds much of the necessary suspense and action. He helps to add to the major plot of getting Leopold back and finding out who kidnapped him. Perhaps I am justifying here, but I sure feel that his lack of ethics will not be as important as I initially gave it credit.

So far NBC has done a good job at confusing everyone. Is it the father? mother? Perhaps it is a business enemy. Or is it someone we haven’t even heard about yet.

As for me, I am going to put myself out on a limb and say that Virgil, the bodyguard, is involved in the kidnapping. I think that there may even be a deeper organization that is truly at the heart of it. And that we will see that develop as this gets into more and more seasons.

This show mimics the idea of a season long plot made famous through 24 and it borrows from Without a Trace. I think that it will be a great show, and I hope to be able to catch it regularly. I think that if I miss a show, I will be lost.

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