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Heroes Renews It’s Energy

Posted by Travis R Grant on April 24, 2007

In gearing up for last night’s return of Heroes, I re-watched every season 1 episode on-line. Yeah, I have to admit I am a little obsessed. Since I did the same thing during the last Heroes drought, I have watched the pre-December episodes at least three times.

While watching these episodes again, I couldn’t help but think that they had tied up too many loose ends. We found out who Claire’s (Hayden Panetierre) real parents are. We had my suspicions that Mr. Bennet (Jack Coleman) was a good guy, and only the “face” of evil not evil itself, confirmed. We met Mr. Linderman (Michael McDowell), however, who he really is hasn’t been revealed. And many more important parts of the story have been discovered.

I was honestly thinking that if they kept up the pace, then the show would be all over by the end to of this season. However, with this one episode, while having several questions answered, we had many new questions to keep our interest.  Some of these interesting new questions are:

  1. Will Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) encourage his brother to explode?
  2. What is Mrs. Petrelli’s (Cristine Rose) power?
  3. Does Claire need to stay in New York or go to Paris to save the World?
  4. Can Mr. Bennet stop the Company?
      • Does he meet up again with Claire when in New York?
      • Or do they end up going to Las Vegas instead?
      1. What happened 15 or so years ago to cause a former group of Heroes to separate?
          • Was Mrs. Petrelli one of the group?
          • Does Mrs. Petrelli work for Linderman?
          • Who was in that group?

          These are just some of the question that I have come up with, and I am excited to see them develop. I am also very interested to see what happens 5 years in the future that is so important to today, so next week is going to be another great episode.

          It’s great that I have Heroes to hold onto, because as of late, I have been losing a lot of interest in television. Sure, I am still watching Lost, but many of the other staples in my TV diet aren’t as appetizing as they used to be.

          I really don’t want to get into the speculations about the show, I just want to point out how good this show is and has become. This show is so good; I even started to believe the tricks of this episode.

          It should have been obvious to me that Peter just needed the glass pulled from his head. But for some reason, I was so caught up in mourning his loss (or trying to figure out how Linderman was going to save him), that I didn’t really think too much about pulling the glass out of his head.

          I was moved when Claire saved him and cited the all to cliche line “I guess we’re even then.” I just solidified their relationship in my head. Before it was just a young girl fantasy about an older brother figure. Now, it is a great uncle-niece relationship that I know will prove important through out the show, even perhaps during the next few episodes.

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          Don’t Delay My Drama

          Posted by Travis R Grant on March 15, 2007

          Why all the delays?!

          Heroes, Lost and Jericho are perhaps my three favorite shows on TV. Most Americans would probably agree with me on that list too. And yet we find ourselves having to wait for at least several weeks before they air the next episode.

          Jericho’s delay is probably directly related to March Madness and I can forgive the CBS decision makers for that. However, I don’t understand the NBC or ABC decision makers.

          For the time being ABC is keeping Lost on the air until this season is over. That’s great. But I don’t understand the huge delay in the middle of the season. They finally bring the show back just in time for February’s sweeps.

          We got pretty much the same treatment from CBS and NBC too. We had to go on hiatus from these serialized shows for at least two months after the November sweeps.

          Are the viewers only worth their votes on the ratings months? Sure we have value then. But when we are treated as though that is our only value to the producer, we aren’t happy.

          It’s acceptable to have a break in a sitcom or a regular drama, but when the show is serialized, people hang on from week to week. I have even found that it is better to just wait and either rent the video, or watch the replay on the Internet.

          I have to give NBC a little credit in that they did at least allow Peter to “save the cheerleader” before they took a break. We at least got some closure. Lost, however, didn’t give us the same courtesy. If I recall correctly the best that they gave us was revealing that Jack, Kate and Sawyer were on a different island. However, Jack was also told by Juliet to kill Ben. We were left hanging even more.

          Well-done serial stories are great, they keep us wanting to return. This is especially true when the story lines are as captivating as Jericho, Lost and Heroes. But the producers and broadcasters need more respect for their audience.

          This is a call out the decision makers at the television networks. Have more respect for your viewers. If you string us along too much, we will get fed up and leave.

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          Heroes Twists Are Disheartening

          Posted by Travis R Grant on February 20, 2007

          This was perhaps one of the more upsetting Heroes. Don’t get me wrong. It was very well done, and I loved the show. But I am not sure I like the direction some of the story lines are taking.

          First, Claire “outing” her father and calling him to the table was great. She needs to stand up to him. I am still not convinced that Mr. Bennett is a bad guy. However, I am not convinced he is a good guy either. His “tracking” the genetically different is definitely not right. However, I think that Mr. Bennett is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. We will see how it develops over time.

          I am probably the most bothered by the development in Matt Parkman’s story. Matt is in my top three favorite characters (not because of his ability as much as because of who he is). Last week, Matt steals a bag of diamonds. This really bothered me. I hope that he turns them in eventually. This episode almost had Matt turn them in, but the story gets worse.

          What bothers me the most is that Matt is hooking up with people who have a less than reputable nature. I am not saying that they are the bad guys, because after all, they are fighting Mr. Bennett. However, breaking into someone’s house isn’t my idea about doing the right thing.

          I still hold hope that this will turn out for good. However, it makes me nervous. Perhaps, this will lead to Claire’s breaking away from her dad.

          Another disturbing development is that Simone Devaraux died. I wasn’t a big fan of Simone, but I hate to think that she died out of jealousy and misunderstanding between Peter Petrelli and Isaac Mendez. Does this create a rift between Isaac and Peter? Or does it bring them together? My hope is that it brings them together.

          One nice aspect about this part of the show is the Peter has finally learned to control his powers. I don’t think that he has prevented his exploding yet. However, he has become the most powerful Hero so far, and as a fan of Peter, I like that.

          The last disheartening aspect of this episode was that Ando and Hiro separated. I am sure they will bring the two back together. I am sure that this is just to add some more drama, but I really don’t like seeing them separate. Ando will now need to work hard to prove himself to Hiro. Maybe now would be a good time for Ando to discover his powers (or maybe he already has, who stopped the bullet?).

          Finally, Mohinder needs to wake up. He is so desperate to please his father that he hooked up with the evilest character of them all. About the only thing that could make this story line work is if Sylar killed Mohinder… Oh, did I say that. I meant to say that this leads to the death of Sylar.

          This is still a great show. The twists are what makes it great. It’s the twists that keep me watching. I just like some twists more than others.

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          George Takei Is Not a Hero

          Posted by Travis R Grant on February 7, 2007

          I think that use of George Takei in Heroes is an excellent move, and I love the role that he played. I just have to say that I am glad he is not “special.” Honestly, I am glad that no new characters have been introduced into the show this week.

          I have been really bothered by all the hype-like advertisement for Heroes lately. It seems like they are trying to have a tag line for every episode. And it is just too much.

          “Save the cheerleader, save the world” worked for me. I thought it was unique, short, and matched the show. The winter promo, however, just didn’t stick with me. What did they mean by “Are you on the list?” I would have rather they went with “How do you stop and exploding man?”

          But this past week’s over emphasis of “Who’s her daddy?” was just unoriginal, uninteresting, and really a turn off. There wasn’t the play up to finding out who dad was, and I just wasn’t as invested in it. Not to say that I would have rather they drag it out. Just to hype it up without some foundation.

          Along with the over use of tag lines, I didn’t like the “who’s her daddy?” tag line because I am tired of them adding new characters with new powers. Sure I expect there to be more gifted individual, but right now it seems too many too soon. Let me work with the Heroes that I know now. Let me understand them more. Let me develop a deeper relationship with them first.

          So, when in this episode we learned that Hiro’s Father was not associated with Linderman (at least for now we are lead to believe that), and more importantly, that he has no special powers (at least for now we are lead to believe that), I was happy. I hope to see future episodes with Takei, and I think it adds a great piece to the puzzle.

          I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Claire’s father is no one new. He is a character we already know and love (or hate, I haven’t decided yet). It will be interesting now to see how these interrelationships work.

          I would like to see the Heroes come together. We have seen the Heroes work together, but they are not a team yet. I want this to happen by the end of the seasons. Sure, leave a few stragglers behind (i.e., Niki, DL, and Micah), but let’s start getting a team together (i.e., Hiro, Peter, and Isaac).

          Also, I am waiting to find out what super power Simone, Ando, and Zach have. You have been thinking it. I know that you have, and I have finally said it. I just can’t wait until they find out their powers. I am also thinking that Mr. and Mrs. Bennett have powers too. Mr. Bennett is obviously keeping it a secret from Mrs. Bennett (the brain zapped).

          Okay, we may already know Mr. Bennett’s power. He appears to be able to block the powers of the others. But, I am still stumped why he wasn’t able to stop Sylar in this last episode.

          So, these are some of my thoughts on the show, and I have been very impressed. Personally, I like what is going on. I think that it is well developed. It is providing new mysteries, while answering some old ones. I can’t wait for each new episode.

          Just an apology for posting this so late, my VCR didn’t record the show, and I couldn’t get it on the Internet until now. Also, it looks like NBC’s Video Rewind has made some changes for the better.

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          How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?

          Posted by Travis R Grant on December 5, 2006

          Last night was the last episode of Heroes this year; we won’t see another new episode until January 1. I think I may go through some withdrawals. But at least they are providing replays of all 11 episodes on the NBC website.

          In this episode we learn (or at least it is posed) that Peter Petrelli is the cause of the nuclear explosion that Hiro saw while searching out Isaac Mendez, in the future. And the ultimate new question is “how do you stop an exploding man?”

          My suspicion is that when Peter is exposed to too many “heroes” in a short time period that he is over worked. In this and last week’s episode, it appeared that Peter met with Sylar, Claire, Matt, and Nathan all within about a 24-hour period. These exposures lead to exhaustion. Then, as we saw in the final scene, ultimately what could happen is that he explodes.

          So, what does this mean? Does this lead to further extending the “meeting” of our “heroes?” I hope not. The episodes that I have really enjoyed are the one where our heroes meet and understand that they are part of a group.

          Does this mean the Peter will not be their leader? Well, it is apparent that the leader is going to be either Peter or Hiro. I am leaning more towards Peter, but I won’t be bothered by Hiro’s leadership either.

          What does saving the cheerleader (which I am not convinced they did; Jackie did die) have to do with preventing this explosion? Because it still appears that Peter will explode in the end.

          I liked this episode, but it sure seems that the chains of thought involved are starting to get too intense. Perhaps, this is the same stage that Lost was at during their development. However, I am getting a little confused.

          Among the things that I really liked about this episode is that Isaac is finally clean. And he learns to paint the future while sober. I wonder if he will always need a canvas to do so though? We learn that Niki might finally overtake Jessica. Will she ever figure out that she too has the same strength as Jessica?

          I didn’t like that Claire’s dad isn’t a good guy. However, I honestly never believed that he was. It seems to me that even Eden figured that out. Too bad that she wasn’t able to get away from him. However, I wasn’t a big fan of Eden to begin with.

          Anyway, this was another good episode. More questions then answers in this one, but the questions are needed to keep the show going. They just need to learn something from Lost and be sure to keep us fed with some good answers or resolutions.

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          Heroes Holds Promise, But Still Bothers

          Posted by Travis R Grant on October 31, 2006

          After last week’s episode of Heroes, I was sold on the show. It was back on the top of my list as the best show of the new season. The heroes were starting to get together, the story line was moving in a progressive direction, and good things were starting to happen.

          I mentioned this to my wife, who doesn’t watch much television, but has seen a few episodes of Heroes. She commented that this weeks episode would be a downer. All shows are like that. They stick in one good one for one let down.

          I am disappointed in this episode by the last 30 seconds. Mohinder in his narrative states that in evolution there is no morality, only survival of the fittest.

          However, he doesn’t take into account two things. The first and most important is that we are human beings. The one thing that separates man from animal is that we are moral beings. Accept for a very rare anomaly, every human being has a conscience that teaches them what is right and wrong. And survival of the fittest doesn’t always fit the morality we have that murder is wrong.

          When D.L. “kills” Niki (I put it in quote marks, because I don’t think she is really dead), he was doing it to protect him and his son. He realized that she is the nemesis. D.L. is innocent of the murders (not the theft), and I honestly suspect that he will become one of the good guys.

          The second thing that Mohinder doesn’t account for is that these genetic changes are the result of man. As we saw with Claire‘s assailant and her father’s intervention, there is some kind of human intervention that is causing these changes. This is not evolution in the true sense of the word.

          I will keep watching Heroes. I find it entertaining, but I like it better when the good guys are progressing and the bad guys seem to be failing. Let’s just drop the whole evolution theme and I could be happy.

          Just as an aside, I think that Peter Petrelli’s special ability is to absorb, adopt, borrow the powers of those around him. As proof, he could only fly when he was near Nathan. He can see the future when he is near Isaac. Hiro visited Peter because he was the only person who could simultaneously stop time with him. What are you thoughts?

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          Hiro is my Hero

          Posted by Travis R Grant on September 26, 2006

          One of the shows that I have been anticipating this season proved to be worth my interest. Heroes, while not the best writing or directing, will be a great way to spend an hour of entertainment.

          One of the ways to make a television show a success is to have charactersthe viewer can relate to. Viewers want somebody that they can empathize with and feel like they are a part of that person.

          Heroes does just that. Not only does the show draw us in by giving the characters abilities that most of us have dreamed of having. They give these abilities to people that we relate to.

          Hoping not to reveal too much about myself, I personally relate to two of the characters portrayed in the premier. I love the nerdy aspect of Hiro. While the SciFi references that he makes with his friend are part of our everyday lexicon, you can see that these two people are SciFi fans and perhaps that is what has lead Hiro to his discovery.

          I also relate well with Peter. Living in the shadows of a brother can be a hard thing. While I might have been more like Nathan, I can say that I know what it is like to admire and resent your sibling at the same time. I am sure many can relate to some of these characters, and if not yet, wait until next week, there will be more.

          However, there is one person that I cannot relate too. Niki is a single mother who has borrowed money from a loan shark and she is deeply in dept. Her character is further blemished because she earns her keep as an Internet porn star. I don’t relate to this individual at all.

          But what bothers me more is that this was just a cheap excuse for the NBC executives to place mild porn on the airwaves. Hopefully with her new found ability (I don’t know that I understand exactly what it is yet) she will give up her Internet career.

          However, her special ability caused the death of two men. While arguably these men who were going to kill her, so it was self defense, I am concerned about this character. I won’t mind this character if she goes one of two directions. Either her ability leads her to changing her life around, or she becomes the arch enemy of the Heroes. Either of these scenarios and I will be happy. However, if she tries to play a double life and acts as a good guy while leading a bad life, then I will be disappointed in this character.

          Perhaps the most exciting part of the premier was the unknowns that we learned from watching this episode. Since they are replaying it tonight, I won’t go into details for those of you who missed it. But this show will definitely be a show to watch this season. I might even give up on Lost. Nah, that won’t happen.

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          Fall Preview: Heros

          Posted by Travis R Grant on August 30, 2006

          It seems that after the great success of Lost, many of the major networks are trying there hand at putting together their own mysterious story. CBS has added Jericho, and NBC is trying it with Heroes.

          And I think that these two new shows will both be a success.

          Heroes is the story of ordinary people who discover that they have extraordinary powers. And these powers are also the interest of Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Suresh is the son of a professor who took on his father’s studies after his father mysteriously disappeared. Both the father and son were genetic scientists who are interested in the evolution of man.

          As Suresh continues his father’s research he comes into contact with people who have extraordinary powers. He meets people like Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere). Claire is a 17-year-old, high-school cheerleader whose body cannot be destroyed. She has jumped from towers, walked in fire, and other terrible acts, but can’t seem to hurt herself.

          Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) is a cube farm employee who doesn’t fit in with his Japanese coworkers. He spends what free time he has in the office trying to get the clock to move backward. Then one day it happens. Ultimately he learns to teleport himself.

          Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) is an unsuccessful street cop, who wants to do more with his career but seems to be holding himself back. However, one day while on the beat he hears a voice, and it leads him to solving a case. But where are they coming from.

          Suresh concludes that it is genetic mutation that has caused each of these and several others to happen. However, there seems to be something even deeper to their mysterious abilities, and Suresh is determined to find the root of these changes.

          Because, many of us have wanted to fly, walk through walls, or stop the clock at some point in our lives. And this show will grasp at the heart of our desire to be more than who we are. We will all watch relating to one character more than to another and seeing ourselves in many of them. This show will be a great hit. We will wonder about the mystery and wonder about the people.

          The acting, production, writing, and execution of this show will be right on. The show will draw the viewer in for an hour and leave her wanting more. I expect that this will be a great success.

          On a values perspective, I must say that I am concerned about a couple of characters backgrounds and I wonder how they will play out in the end. Only as the show develops can I honestly say whether I will stay with this show or not.

          Despite the fact that I think this show will be a success, I am afraid that with all the mystery of Lost, Jericho, and Heroes, something must go. Only time will tell which of these three proves to be the most entertaining. I think that Lost will keep it well established audience, and that the second place will fall to Heroes. While I like the Jericho story better, I think that more people will relate to Heroes and thus tune in.

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