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Fall Preview: 6º

Posted by Travis R Grant on August 31, 2006

I was hoping to write a positive review for a show from ABC. However, it looks like they have the worst line up this year of the three major networks. This is especially true when it comes to their new programs this fall. While I think they have some good concepts, their programs just miss the mark.

Specifically, 6º appears to be a great concept. However, from the previews, it just seems that there is something missing. I am interested in the how they tie the lives of six seemingly unconnected people together. And I think that the concept is interesting. However, is the concept alone interesting enough to hold my attention for a whole season?

Normally, I like to talk about some of the characters and plot of a show. However, as I have read the online description and watched the trailer. It appears that there is little character development and even less of a story line.

Perhaps as I watch this show I will come to know these people and enjoy watching them. But as for now, I have no interested in the characters, because there is no development. What interest I do have in this show is in the interconnection (or the six degrees) and how it all plays out. But as the show develops that interconnection will be lost because the six degrees will ultimately meld into one.

But what’s further is the story line. Why do we care how these people are interconnected? What is so important about these six people? Where is the drama? Where is the conflict? The trailer doesn’t show it; the online description doesn’t explain it. There appears to be no plot. And simple human interaction is not enough to entertain.

This show, , is a great concept. It stares in the face as being an interesting look at interpersonal, or maybe more correctly stated extra-personal relationships. However, it will lose viewers because it has little character development and even less of a plot.

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