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Jack Bauer is MacGyver on Adrenaline

Posted by Travis R Grant on March 20, 2007

I missed out on the first season of Fox’s 24. I wasn’t even aware that the show was being aired. My sister-in-law mentioned it to me, and I thought the concept was interesting. However, I didn’t bother watching it until the second season.

Actually, that is somewhat of an over statement. I watch about the first half hour of the first episode of the second season. I thought it was boring drivel, turned off the TV, and never bothered watching again.

That is until this season. A co-worker said it is the only show that he watches. Considering this gentleman is rather finicky about his television viewing I thought that maybe I had misjudged the show. This is especially true when you consider that the second season is considered by most to be its worst iteration.

So, I have given Jack Bauer (Keifer Southerland) another try. And honestly, it is still the same old drivel.

Jack Bauer is just the MacGyver of the new millennium. He is MacGyver with enough adrenaline to just make it stupid.

You can expect the same thing every episode. Jack Bauer saves the day, just barely. Yesterday’s episode was no different. Even though he is injured enough to be in an infirmary, Bauer manages to kill three men (single handedly, with two guy as unnecessary back up), then fly an UAV out of the air space of millions of people.

Yeah!!!! He did it again. And guess what next episode, he will be our hero. Why can’t someone else save the day? Morris O’Brian (Carlo Rota) could have put a bug in a code to save the day. Tom Lennox (Peter MacNicol) could have prevented the assassination of the President. But the writers can only write a script in which Jack Bauer saves the day.

Boring… It is so predictable, that I am not even feeling like I am giving away any spoilers. Just watch, next week. If Jack Bauer is there, then the world will be saved, but if he is too far away trust me doom will happen.

If this were the real world, we would put Jack Bauer as the President’s personal body guard, and then he would be immortal, because after all Jack Bauer is.

It is quite humorous. It’s like watching a MacGyver episode all over again. When you put it all together Jack Bauer is just like MacGyver accept for one thing. Bauer does use a fire arm, and many more weapons of torture. Something that MacGyver would die before he would ever use.

Bauer can create anything (especially if it saves his life) out of anything. He can use a belt to stop a bullet from speeding to his head. He can fly a UAV. And MacGyver was famous for all the inventions he made out of everyday ordinary things.

Also, both MacGyver and Bauer are fighting terrorists. Sure MacGyver was more against the Russians, but hey they were our biggest enemy in his day. If MacGyver were still saving the world today, I am sure it would be from the Afghanis.

I should really be making the comparison, because at least MacGyver was entertaining. But I was kid then, so it might not be as entertaining for me now.

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