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The Man from Tallahasee is the Confidence Man

Posted by Travis R Grant on March 23, 2007

As a general rule, I like to avoid posts that are directly related to theories about a show. However, I found this one a little interesting and I thought that I would share it with you all.

During the last episode of lost we learned how John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) lost the use of his legs and was in a wheelchair. For some this was a huge mystery revealed. For me, it was boring.

I like Locke; He is in my top three of favorite characters in Lost. And I was looking forward to this episode mostly because it was focused on him. However, I wasn’t genuinely peak interested in learning about how he lost the use of his legs.

That is until I rewatched Episode 8 of Season 1. My wife missed most of season 1 and I know that there are a few that I have missed too. So, we decided to rent the season and watch it to keep us up on things.

Last night we watched the Episode where Sawyers is confronted by Kate about the Letter that he handles so gingerly and reads with heart. At first, Sawyer claims that it is a letter he received. After being tortured by Sayid and prostituting a kiss from Kate, Sawyer confessed to Kate that it is a letter he wrote to a Confidence Man who stole money from his father, which lead to the murder-suicide of his parents.

I just realized that the Man from Tallahassee is the Confidence Man. It fits perfectly. It is almost too obvious. If it hadn’t been for the two plus year delay in the connection, I would think that it is too obvious to be the case. However, I can’t wait now to see the episode where Sawyer meets up with Anthony Cooper (Kevin Tighe). I further think that it will start tying up some interesting loose ends.

Am I out in left field on this one? Has this been obvious for a long time and I am just catching up with the rest of you? Should I just not even bother worrying about the mysteries because I am so naive? What are your thoughts about some of the mysteries of Lost?

One Response to “The Man from Tallahasee is the Confidence Man”

  1. “The Man From Tallahassee”

    “The man from Tallahassee” Ben asked for has to be Locke’s dad. What’s more, I agree with TeleValues who thinks that the con man who motivated Sawyer was also Locke’s dad….

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