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Heroes Twists Are Disheartening

Posted by Travis R Grant on February 20, 2007

This was perhaps one of the more upsetting Heroes. Don’t get me wrong. It was very well done, and I loved the show. But I am not sure I like the direction some of the story lines are taking.

First, Claire “outing” her father and calling him to the table was great. She needs to stand up to him. I am still not convinced that Mr. Bennett is a bad guy. However, I am not convinced he is a good guy either. His “tracking” the genetically different is definitely not right. However, I think that Mr. Bennett is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. We will see how it develops over time.

I am probably the most bothered by the development in Matt Parkman’s story. Matt is in my top three favorite characters (not because of his ability as much as because of who he is). Last week, Matt steals a bag of diamonds. This really bothered me. I hope that he turns them in eventually. This episode almost had Matt turn them in, but the story gets worse.

What bothers me the most is that Matt is hooking up with people who have a less than reputable nature. I am not saying that they are the bad guys, because after all, they are fighting Mr. Bennett. However, breaking into someone’s house isn’t my idea about doing the right thing.

I still hold hope that this will turn out for good. However, it makes me nervous. Perhaps, this will lead to Claire’s breaking away from her dad.

Another disturbing development is that Simone Devaraux died. I wasn’t a big fan of Simone, but I hate to think that she died out of jealousy and misunderstanding between Peter Petrelli and Isaac Mendez. Does this create a rift between Isaac and Peter? Or does it bring them together? My hope is that it brings them together.

One nice aspect about this part of the show is the Peter has finally learned to control his powers. I don’t think that he has prevented his exploding yet. However, he has become the most powerful Hero so far, and as a fan of Peter, I like that.

The last disheartening aspect of this episode was that Ando and Hiro separated. I am sure they will bring the two back together. I am sure that this is just to add some more drama, but I really don’t like seeing them separate. Ando will now need to work hard to prove himself to Hiro. Maybe now would be a good time for Ando to discover his powers (or maybe he already has, who stopped the bullet?).

Finally, Mohinder needs to wake up. He is so desperate to please his father that he hooked up with the evilest character of them all. About the only thing that could make this story line work is if Sylar killed Mohinder… Oh, did I say that. I meant to say that this leads to the death of Sylar.

This is still a great show. The twists are what makes it great. It’s the twists that keep me watching. I just like some twists more than others.


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