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The Amazing Race: Some Teams Never Change

Posted by Travis R Grant on February 19, 2007

I am tired of Rob and Amber. Yes, they won the first leg of the race. However, did they do anything different than anyone else? Perhaps, they were nicer (in one instance) than some of the other teams. But they didn’t do anything different.

I am not one to say that competition-based reality TV is fixed. Perhaps, it is just that I don’t want it to be. However, I am starting to wonder. Rob and Amber dominated the race the first time they competed, and it looks like they will again. Is this the work of a producer to try and boost his viewer ratings?

I guess I will just have to be happy in my loving to hate Rob and Amber. I guess I could also be consoled that it appears that I am not the only one. You will notice that you didn’t see any of the other teams making friends with Rob and Amber. Well, David and Mary tried, but it looked like Rob and Amber just snubbed them.

The problem with the lack of friendliness by the other players toward Rob and Amber is that it will just fuel their fire, and keep them in the race. They need a friend or two to through them off of their game. Keep it up Mary and David; your down home, good natured attitude may just be the ruin of Rob and Amber. And the best part is that you aren’t being nice just so you can win.

I am even more upset by my favorite team, Kevin and Drew. They came in second to last. I hope that they can pull it together. It seems that they aren’t as entertaining as they were in the first race. I don’t know if it’s because they aren’t doing as well, or if they have just matured since their fraternity days.

I am still cheering for them to win (with a close second by David and Mary). However, after watching today, I don’t hold out much hope.

Mary and David are continuing to play a good honorable race. It is wonderful to see the star struck nature with the other players. David and Mary are truly down to earth folks, whom America will continue to love. They too are shying away from alliances which may or may not be good. However, I think that they will earn some good will that will prove helpful later on.

It is still early, and I am going to hold of on any predictions. However, I can say that this competition is going to be fierce. The teams are all holding off from making alliances. That is smart. Alliances do not win this game. That is perhaps the only thing that Rob and Amber do right in this game.

The Amazing Race is won on street smarts, book smarts, athleticism, and sometimes just dumb luck. Right now each of teams have interesting combinations of all of those. It will be a great season.


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