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George Takei Is Not a Hero

Posted by Travis R Grant on February 7, 2007

I think that use of George Takei in Heroes is an excellent move, and I love the role that he played. I just have to say that I am glad he is not “special.” Honestly, I am glad that no new characters have been introduced into the show this week.

I have been really bothered by all the hype-like advertisement for Heroes lately. It seems like they are trying to have a tag line for every episode. And it is just too much.

“Save the cheerleader, save the world” worked for me. I thought it was unique, short, and matched the show. The winter promo, however, just didn’t stick with me. What did they mean by “Are you on the list?” I would have rather they went with “How do you stop and exploding man?”

But this past week’s over emphasis of “Who’s her daddy?” was just unoriginal, uninteresting, and really a turn off. There wasn’t the play up to finding out who dad was, and I just wasn’t as invested in it. Not to say that I would have rather they drag it out. Just to hype it up without some foundation.

Along with the over use of tag lines, I didn’t like the “who’s her daddy?” tag line because I am tired of them adding new characters with new powers. Sure I expect there to be more gifted individual, but right now it seems too many too soon. Let me work with the Heroes that I know now. Let me understand them more. Let me develop a deeper relationship with them first.

So, when in this episode we learned that Hiro’s Father was not associated with Linderman (at least for now we are lead to believe that), and more importantly, that he has no special powers (at least for now we are lead to believe that), I was happy. I hope to see future episodes with Takei, and I think it adds a great piece to the puzzle.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Claire’s father is no one new. He is a character we already know and love (or hate, I haven’t decided yet). It will be interesting now to see how these interrelationships work.

I would like to see the Heroes come together. We have seen the Heroes work together, but they are not a team yet. I want this to happen by the end of the seasons. Sure, leave a few stragglers behind (i.e., Niki, DL, and Micah), but let’s start getting a team together (i.e., Hiro, Peter, and Isaac).

Also, I am waiting to find out what super power Simone, Ando, and Zach have. You have been thinking it. I know that you have, and I have finally said it. I just can’t wait until they find out their powers. I am also thinking that Mr. and Mrs. Bennett have powers too. Mr. Bennett is obviously keeping it a secret from Mrs. Bennett (the brain zapped).

Okay, we may already know Mr. Bennett’s power. He appears to be able to block the powers of the others. But, I am still stumped why he wasn’t able to stop Sylar in this last episode.

So, these are some of my thoughts on the show, and I have been very impressed. Personally, I like what is going on. I think that it is well developed. It is providing new mysteries, while answering some old ones. I can’t wait for each new episode.

Just an apology for posting this so late, my VCR didn’t record the show, and I couldn’t get it on the Internet until now. Also, it looks like NBC’s Video Rewind has made some changes for the better.


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