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I Love When My Guy Wins

Posted by Travis R Grant on December 18, 2006

It is going to sound a little unbelievable when I write that I wanted Yul to win from the beginning. But I can honestly say that after the first couple of episodes of Survivor I was cheering for Yul.

Yul was honest with the Jury about his having manipulated people and that he was playing people both on and off of the jury. He said it perfectly. If it was outside of this game, HE would have interacted with the contestants differently. Everyone came to the game knowing what it was about, and they accepted that.

That is what won him the game.

Ozzy was a great contender. Ozzy would have deserved the win too. I would have been happy to see him play again; I look forward to seeing him on a future all-star episode.

While Yul admitted to playing with some less than stellar ethics, I still feel that they both play with integrity. They stayed true to their tribe. While, it sort of made for a boring finale, you still were excited to see them win, because in the face of trial they stood with their team.

CBS’s attempt to make the final tribal council more exciting by adding three people to be voted for was stupid. Even if it had been three different players (i.e., Adam, Parvati, and Candice), there would have only been two votes cast.

I was trying to figure out why they were having 9 members on the jury. I actually thought that maybe they were going to allow the final two contestant to eliminate two members from the Jury, without know what their vote would be. That way they might eliminate someone who would have voted for them, but they wouldn’t know.

However, they added two extra jurors because they were adding a third contestant. That was a dumb move. Of course one person was going to be a no vote. It did lead to the two best players getting to the end. But it really took out another important element of the game and that was staying true to your team. I really would have liked to see how Yul, Becky, and Ozzy played it out for final two.

I didn’t like this final tribal council. It really begged for a lot. However, I loved the season in general. But I always love the season when my favorite wins.


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