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How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?

Posted by Travis R Grant on December 5, 2006

Last night was the last episode of Heroes this year; we won’t see another new episode until January 1. I think I may go through some withdrawals. But at least they are providing replays of all 11 episodes on the NBC website.

In this episode we learn (or at least it is posed) that Peter Petrelli is the cause of the nuclear explosion that Hiro saw while searching out Isaac Mendez, in the future. And the ultimate new question is “how do you stop an exploding man?”

My suspicion is that when Peter is exposed to too many “heroes” in a short time period that he is over worked. In this and last week’s episode, it appeared that Peter met with Sylar, Claire, Matt, and Nathan all within about a 24-hour period. These exposures lead to exhaustion. Then, as we saw in the final scene, ultimately what could happen is that he explodes.

So, what does this mean? Does this lead to further extending the “meeting” of our “heroes?” I hope not. The episodes that I have really enjoyed are the one where our heroes meet and understand that they are part of a group.

Does this mean the Peter will not be their leader? Well, it is apparent that the leader is going to be either Peter or Hiro. I am leaning more towards Peter, but I won’t be bothered by Hiro’s leadership either.

What does saving the cheerleader (which I am not convinced they did; Jackie did die) have to do with preventing this explosion? Because it still appears that Peter will explode in the end.

I liked this episode, but it sure seems that the chains of thought involved are starting to get too intense. Perhaps, this is the same stage that Lost was at during their development. However, I am getting a little confused.

Among the things that I really liked about this episode is that Isaac is finally clean. And he learns to paint the future while sober. I wonder if he will always need a canvas to do so though? We learn that Niki might finally overtake Jessica. Will she ever figure out that she too has the same strength as Jessica?

I didn’t like that Claire’s dad isn’t a good guy. However, I honestly never believed that he was. It seems to me that even Eden figured that out. Too bad that she wasn’t able to get away from him. However, I wasn’t a big fan of Eden to begin with.

Anyway, this was another good episode. More questions then answers in this one, but the questions are needed to keep the show going. They just need to learn something from Lost and be sure to keep us fed with some good answers or resolutions.


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