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Survivor’s Jonathan Crazy or Genius?

Posted by Travis R Grant on December 1, 2006

If there is any player that reminds me more of Richard Hatch than any other player in Survivor history, it is Jonathan Penner. He has really mastered the ability to annoy his fellow contestants and yet manage to manipulate the game every week where he is not voted out.

Of course, he didn’t play exactly like Hatch. But he seems to be more in control of the game than people realize. He is very effectively outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting the other contestants.

In the past couple of weeks, Jonathan managed to switch to another tribe (they called it mutiny) and escape elimination during at least two tribal council’s where one would have thought that the mutiny would be grounds for getting rid of him.

Then when the tribes merge, Jonathan flops back to his original tribe, because he finds out that Yul Kwon has the individual immunity idol from exile island. You would think that this would further remove any trust from any of the other players.

This episode, Jonathan takes a very overly confident attitude where he managed to offend just about everyone on the island. This put a huge target on Jonathan’s back. However, I think this target is more inviting to Yul, and some other players because, they think his offense will win him the game.

I think they are wrong. If Jonathan makes it to the final two, then he will win. No matter whom he goes up against. In this game there is more respect for the outwitting than there is for outlasting or outplaying.

My prediction is that the final two will be Yul and Jonathan. However, I think it will be Yul’s mistake. If Yul picked anyone else accept for maybe Adam then he would win. Adam might have a chance against yul, because he has managed to outplay the other’s too.

Granted this is all based on the assumption that Yul wins the final immunity challenge. But I think he will probably do that too.

Honestly, survivor this season has been better than The Amazing Race. That is a hard thing for me to say. But it is the truth.


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