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Cho Brother’s Overly Cautious Approach Loses the Race

Posted by Travis R Grant on November 20, 2006

Up until this episode, I have been a big fan of the Cho Brothers in the Amazing Race. I expected them to do well. However, they became too overly cautious.

One of my personal motto’s about life is work smarter not harder. If there is a way to get something done quicker with less effort, then go for it.

And I think that to a certain extent the Cho Brothers were trying to emulate that principle. While, I don’t think they were doing it actively, they were trying to act based on information and not on gut. However, they weren’t getting the information in the best way. This lead them to work harder and not smarter.

While they did try to get information from cab drivers and did have a few drivers take them places, they would have been better off to pay more drivers to get to their location (i.e., Tyler and James, and Dustin and Kandice). Stopping every five minutes, as Lyn and Karlyn describe it, is just not an effective way to get them to the pit stop.

They could have tried the cheaper way by making friends with some locals (like Rob and Kimberly) who could give them directions to the next point in the race. At least in this case, I believe that they could have saved money and gotten to their stops earlier.

I am sad to see the Cho Brothers go, but the honest truth is, they weren’t the best competitors in the race, and they wouldn’t have won. I admired the way that they played the race. However, once it came down to the final six or five teams. I would have just simply said to the rest of the alliance that it was every team for themselves and fought the good fight.

The Cho’s should not have waited for Lyn and Karlyn after the tanks challenge. They should have wished them luck and moved on. But perhaps this was based on their personal sense of insecurity in the race. They felt better if someone else was tagging along with them. I don’t know their real motivations, but I think that once you are to this point in the game it is time to cut bait. They should still keep friendships, but work more independently.

I really have no disrespect for Lyn and Karlyn for cutting their losses. The Cho’s were holding them back and they did what they had to do. If anything, I think that they should have done it earlier. Hopefully, they can be in the final three to take my predicted spot for the Cho’s. But I think that they too will be out next week. After that I really don’t care much to see who wins.

I will be watching, but I won’t be cheering anybody on. I also won’t be rooting against any of the teams either. There was nobody really all that detestable in this race. Even Rob and Kimberly have some redeeming value.


3 Responses to “Cho Brother’s Overly Cautious Approach Loses the Race”

  1. Sami said

    I was sad to see the Cho brothers go too, but it was almost obvious from the beginning of the episode that they were going to be out. It’s unfortunate because they were smart and athletic and really had a chance. A friend I was watching with commented on the fact that they always seem to be the last out of the airport for some reason. And I think that’s just how they ran the whole race, slow, and too cautious as you said. They should have never waited at the tanks, but I don’t think it would have matter if they left right away.

    I am rooting for Dustin and Kandice right now, and I think they are the best team out there. Lyn and Karlyn will probably be out soon, Rob and Kimberly have run a good race, but not perfect (plus they have bad car luck, and tend to fight), and Tyler and James while good have made more mistakes and are more apt to get lost than Dustin and Kandice. But who really knows since something always seem to come up to make the team you expect to win not win.

  2. Sami said

    I thought you might be interested, it looks as though CBS has confirmed that TAR 11 will be an all-stars season, and it seems that Rob and Amber, Uchenna and Joyce and possibly David and Mary will be on it…..

  3. NatGo said

    I liked your comment about the Cho’s insecurity – I hadn’t thought about that, but I think it’s probably right on.

    I will miss the Cho’s – it seems like all the heart is gone now, with the Cho’s, Dave and Mary, Duke and Lauren and Sarah gone.

    I don’t know who I am going to cheer for – I’ll probably just watch it play out.

    I am excited for an all-star version. And I can’t help but love Rob and Amber – they race smart and are SO FUNNY.

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