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Heroes Holds Promise, But Still Bothers

Posted by Travis R Grant on October 31, 2006

After last week’s episode of Heroes, I was sold on the show. It was back on the top of my list as the best show of the new season. The heroes were starting to get together, the story line was moving in a progressive direction, and good things were starting to happen.

I mentioned this to my wife, who doesn’t watch much television, but has seen a few episodes of Heroes. She commented that this weeks episode would be a downer. All shows are like that. They stick in one good one for one let down.

I am disappointed in this episode by the last 30 seconds. Mohinder in his narrative states that in evolution there is no morality, only survival of the fittest.

However, he doesn’t take into account two things. The first and most important is that we are human beings. The one thing that separates man from animal is that we are moral beings. Accept for a very rare anomaly, every human being has a conscience that teaches them what is right and wrong. And survival of the fittest doesn’t always fit the morality we have that murder is wrong.

When D.L. “kills” Niki (I put it in quote marks, because I don’t think she is really dead), he was doing it to protect him and his son. He realized that she is the nemesis. D.L. is innocent of the murders (not the theft), and I honestly suspect that he will become one of the good guys.

The second thing that Mohinder doesn’t account for is that these genetic changes are the result of man. As we saw with Claire‘s assailant and her father’s intervention, there is some kind of human intervention that is causing these changes. This is not evolution in the true sense of the word.

I will keep watching Heroes. I find it entertaining, but I like it better when the good guys are progressing and the bad guys seem to be failing. Let’s just drop the whole evolution theme and I could be happy.

Just as an aside, I think that Peter Petrelli’s special ability is to absorb, adopt, borrow the powers of those around him. As proof, he could only fly when he was near Nathan. He can see the future when he is near Isaac. Hiro visited Peter because he was the only person who could simultaneously stop time with him. What are you thoughts?


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