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The Cho Brothers Deserve to Win the Amazing Race

Posted by Travis R Grant on October 23, 2006

Perhaps one of the main reasons that I love the Amazing Race is because it is pure competition. While, manipulation and stepping on people to get yourself ahead CAN be a part of the game, it doesn’t have to be. The Cho brothers proved that in this episode of the Race.

In this episode, the teams were even for all intents and purposes. There was an order to who could climb the ladder first, but still they were within minutes of each other once they got off the ladder.

In this case the Cho brothers were the last team to be allowed to climb the ladder. Thus, the Fast Forward would have been to there advantage. However, they were willing to defer to David and Mary who needed to finish in first to avoid a penalty.

When they saw that Dustin and Kandice were going to go for the Fast Forward, they lied in order to help David and Mary. So, this begs the questions of how come I would find this lie to be okay. The answer is simple. They didn’t lie to get themselves ahead. They lied to help another team.

Their manipulation worked in both ways. Dustin and Kandice believed the Chos and they decided to stick with the detour. All were shocked when the Chos returned. However, I think it is because they knew that strong competitors were back in the race with them.

As far as I am concerned the Cho brothers deserve this game. They have done more for other teams than any other team. It has perhaps been the reason that they have been in the “back pack” for so long.

Now that we are down to six teams, I think that it is time for me to make my final predictions about the final three. Based on past games and looking at finish line positions, I have to honestly say that David and Mary are the next ones gone. I don’t want to admit it. However, it is just in the numbers.

After David and Mary are eliminated, then the numbers point to Lyn and Karlyn. I hate to send them home too. I think that they have been great competitors. However, the number just don’t put them in the competition.

So, that leaves four that can be in the final three. This one is tough. Dustin and Kandice have been doing well the past couple of episode, and Tyler and James haven’t been doing so well. I can’t think that this will stay the same. Past seasons has shown that the leading teams always bounce back and the poorer teams always fall behind. With that in mind, my final three will Erwin and Godwin, Tyler and James, and Rob and Kimberly.

Finally, I am going to go against the numbers and say that Erwin and Godwin will win. I just like them so much I am going to put my good name on the line for them. A stupid mistake I make every year, but hopefully, I can be right for once.


5 Responses to “The Cho Brothers Deserve to Win the Amazing Race”

  1. alisonwonderland said

    maybe it’s just PMS, but i cried through this whole episode! one of my favorite moments was when david said that the fast forward gave him the chance to fulfill a little bit of his childhood dream of being a fire fighter.

    i whole-heartedly agree that the cho brothers ought to win TAR10! their expressions throughout the race of respect, caring, and awe are such the antithesis of peter’s attitude. i’m not at all sad to see peter gone. i am sorry that sarah has to go with him, but i am glad that the race gave her the opportunity to see what kind of man he really is.

  2. Sami said

    Does helping other teams really mean that they deserve to win? I don’t think being nice really means you deserve to win. It’s a game and I think the team that deserves to win is the most competitive team who works for the win. I like the Cho brothers and I hope they win, and I do think they are somewhat competitive, but I feel like at times they don’t seem to give it their all. I do think they have a chance, but I would like to see them step it up a bit.

    My favorites right now, are the Cho brothers, Dustin and Kandice and Kentucky. I don’t really have strong feelings towards Tyler and James, or Lyn and Karlyn either way, and I don’t like Rob and Kimberly at all. For who will be in the top three, right now I would have to say the Cho brothers, Dustin and Kandice, and Rob and Kimberly (not necessarily in that order).

  3. alisonwonderland said

    sorry, erwin. as soon as i clicked on “publish”, i realized i had your name wrong. i meant “erwin and godwin”.

  4. alisonwonderland said

    it’s not just that edwin and godwin help other teams – it’s their whole attitude toward the race. i think TAR is more than a game; it’s a metaphor for life – where there are many more things to value than just competitiveness.

  5. Sami said

    But as far as winning the money, TAR is just a game. That’s why the first team to cross the finish line gets the money no matter how they ran the race. I agree we should all value things besides competitiveness, and the race is an amazing experience for them, and I love it when teams are able to appreciate that. I just have issue with saying someone “deserves” to win. They don’t deserve to win just because they are good people. Like I said, I love the Cho brothers and I am rooting for them, but if they can’t make it to the finish line first then they don’t deserve to win. If it wasn’t just a game CBS would have us vote for our favorite to win the money.

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