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Lost Premier Leaves With Wanting

Posted by Travis R Grant on October 5, 2006

I understand that perhaps the biggest question at the end of season 2 of Lost was what is going to happen to Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), and Sawyer (Josh Holloway). Are they going to be killed? Will they be held captive? What will the others do with them?

Well, the season premier answered that. However, the show just wasn’t all that interesting.

So we learned that Jack is going to try and trick his way out of a cell. We knew that.

We learned that Sawyer can push buttons to get a fish biscuit. Big deal.

We learned that Kate looks pretty after a show and in an immodest dress. Duh.

Sorry, but this episode just wasn’t as great as last season. If this is the precursor of things to come, I just might pass.

Okay, maybe I am not used to the heroes of the show being helpless. Maybe I should give more credit to the development. However, for the season premier I would have liked to see what is going on with the Hurley and the rest of the survivors. At least from the previews for next week I gather that more entertainment is going to happen next week.

Why didn’t ABC leave is in a loop for another week and open with what I believe episode two is going to be? Maybe there is something in this episode that needed to be revealed. However, I can’t believe it was that important.

I do have to say, that it was interesting that we learned that the others seem to have a very civilized culture in a small modern day community. How did that come about? And it was revealed that they are likely “left overs” from the Dharma Project. And that was worth learning. But there was nothing more to this episode.


3 Responses to “Lost Premier Leaves With Wanting”

  1. Jim said

    I was a bit disappointed as well, Travis. You would think that we would have seen more about the other characters on the show.

    I’ll admit, the ending did spark some curiosity. Obviously there was a little slight of hand going on there.

  2. Sami said

    I really liked the episode. I loved the first five minutes anyway. I had no idea that I was watching the others and I thought it was going to be part of someone’s flashback, or it was Penelope. I believe that most of this season we are supposed to be learning more about the others and I am curious as to what Juliet’s story is and the story between her and Ben/Henry. I wasn’t so much interested in Jack’s flashbacks. Or really, all of Jack’s part in this episode. But I thought that them making Kate wear a dress, which definitely took away her toughness was interesting, and I wonder what the next two weeks will bring that is supposed to be hard on her. And I do want to see what Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Jin are up to, and I guess where Walt and Michael end up. But I don’t mind waiting. I do wish that it would have been a two hour premiere though. I guess the show brought up more questions for me than answers, but isn’t that how Lost has always been? I like the mystery, and I don’t mind only finding out bits and pieces, its keeps me wanting to watch more.

  3. suzie said

    I was left wanting too but that made it even more intriguing because the storylines and missing characters were unexpected. I thought it was a good episode. I’ve been enjoying discussions about some of the new puzzles like Carrie and the book club.

    I am bummed to hear that only six episodes will run before a hiatus kicks in. Ridiculous.

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