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How I Met Your … Oh Bother

Posted by Travis R Grant on October 3, 2006

My only interest in ever watching How I Met Your Mother, is because it stars Doogie Howser. I am probably dating myself by indicating that I actually liked the show, but it was just right for a kid like me and a kid my age.

When I first heard of How I Met Your Mother, I knew that I wasn’t going to watch much of it. Even Neil Patrick Harris wouldn’t be a big enough draw. Mostly I wasn’t interested in this show because it was a Friends wannabe and I never was a fan of Friends.

Well, I tuned in today enough to find out why I don’t care for this show. And I will give you one guess.

It’s a three-letter word starting with s.

I couldn’t believe that they could actually put that many sexual comments, references, or innuendo in one 15-minute time period. I didn’t count them. But when the man and woman came out of the public bathroom together, and he had to zip up his cargo pant leg, I had enough.

I turned it off.

I thought about turning it back on just to write a better review of the show. But I think that I have seen enough.

Honestly, in the 15 minutes that I watched, I really didn’t see anything funny. This is supposed to be a sitcom, right?

I guess if you find “dirty” jokes to be funny, then you might have enjoyed this show. However, I am very much of the mind set that sexual humor is used only by thouse who can’t come up with something original.

I guess network television hasn’t had an original thought for a long time. When was that last time you turned on a family friendly sitcom? I honestly can’t remember. I think that George Lopez might fit the bill, but I haven’t watched the show enough to really say.

When it comes to acting, How I Met Your Mother may be done well enough. However, the writing needed a lot of work. I honestly found my self lost in the fray. Perhaps it was the distraction from wincing at every other line. But I just couldn’t get into the show.

I don’t regret never having watched this show before, and I am sure to never turn it on again. Even Doogie Howser wouldn’t try and medicate this show into life.


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