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Jericho Flawed But Entertaining

Posted by Travis R Grant on September 28, 2006

After watching the premier last week, I truly felt that Jericho was the best show that I had seen thus far this season. I seriously considered writing about how great it was, and why I loved it.

However, after watching the preview for this weeks show, I had some concerns. I didn’t want to write a positive review to find out that this week was going to take the show in a direction I wasn’t happy with.

While this week’s show wasn’t as good as last week, I was happy with it. First of all, in order to really enjoy this show, you have to throw out reality. I couldn’t help notice several inconsistencies. One inconsistency is the truck Jake was driving silently pulled up to the house just in time for him to shoot the prison escapee. Not only is this just too cliché of a storyline, it amazes me how well the muffler acted on cue.

However, despite the lousy directing, the story line is still interesting and it is intense. I am not sure that the level of intensity for this episode and the premier will be maintained. However, I think that will be replaced with the mystery.

We already see the mystery starting to develop. Why the hydrogen bombs? Who is Robert Hawkins? Can these people make it through?

Perhaps as the show catches on, the directors will realize that radios don’t work well in radiation storms (see The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, p. 479-489). I hope that some of the technical flaws are looked into, and not just blatantly ignored. Then they will remove the mountains from the skylines, after all this is supposed to be in Kansas.

For now, I really love the sense of community that is brought out in this show. People are working together to do the right thing. Men are giving up their spots in a secure bomb shelter and heading for mines to be protected from the radiation.

Sure there are less than stellar people in this community, but the good guys are winning and the community is coming together. This will definitely be a great show because it builds up the common man.


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