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Hiro is my Hero

Posted by Travis R Grant on September 26, 2006

One of the shows that I have been anticipating this season proved to be worth my interest. Heroes, while not the best writing or directing, will be a great way to spend an hour of entertainment.

One of the ways to make a television show a success is to have charactersthe viewer can relate to. Viewers want somebody that they can empathize with and feel like they are a part of that person.

Heroes does just that. Not only does the show draw us in by giving the characters abilities that most of us have dreamed of having. They give these abilities to people that we relate to.

Hoping not to reveal too much about myself, I personally relate to two of the characters portrayed in the premier. I love the nerdy aspect of Hiro. While the SciFi references that he makes with his friend are part of our everyday lexicon, you can see that these two people are SciFi fans and perhaps that is what has lead Hiro to his discovery.

I also relate well with Peter. Living in the shadows of a brother can be a hard thing. While I might have been more like Nathan, I can say that I know what it is like to admire and resent your sibling at the same time. I am sure many can relate to some of these characters, and if not yet, wait until next week, there will be more.

However, there is one person that I cannot relate too. Niki is a single mother who has borrowed money from a loan shark and she is deeply in dept. Her character is further blemished because she earns her keep as an Internet porn star. I don’t relate to this individual at all.

But what bothers me more is that this was just a cheap excuse for the NBC executives to place mild porn on the airwaves. Hopefully with her new found ability (I don’t know that I understand exactly what it is yet) she will give up her Internet career.

However, her special ability caused the death of two men. While arguably these men who were going to kill her, so it was self defense, I am concerned about this character. I won’t mind this character if she goes one of two directions. Either her ability leads her to changing her life around, or she becomes the arch enemy of the Heroes. Either of these scenarios and I will be happy. However, if she tries to play a double life and acts as a good guy while leading a bad life, then I will be disappointed in this character.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the premier was the unknowns that we learned from watching this episode. Since they are replaying it tonight, I won’t go into details for those of you who missed it. But this show will definitely be a show to watch this season. I might even give up on Lost. Nah, that won’t happen.

One Response to “Hiro is my Hero”

  1. jim said


    I wholeheartedly concur. Heroes is worth watching. My only worry is that it will follow the path of other sci-fi-like shows from previous seasons like Surface, Threshold, and Invasion. Granted this series isn’t about creatures coming from the sea or alien invasions, but it still has a bit of a sci-fi feel.

    Hiro is a character that is easy to relate to. He wants more out of life. He wants to be somebody. I think most people can relate to him and how he is feeling.

    Niki is something different isn’t she? Regardless of whether she was the draw for gratuitous sex and violence, she is a bit of a puzzle? What’s more, is it just me or does her kid look an awful lot like one of the other characters? Perhaps just enough to make you wonder – especially since the kid is really smart? I won’t spoil it for any or your readers, but I have to say it has me wondering.

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