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The Race Eliminates Two

Posted by Travis R Grant on September 18, 2006

So, the big surprise during the season premier of The Amazing Race 10 is that they eliminated two teams. Sorry, but this is another yawner of a change.

If you look at past seasons, they have always started the race with 11 teams. They have always eliminated one team in the first show. Thus, by the end of the premiere they have 10 teams. So, if you start with 12 and eliminate two, you are still at 10.

I am not excited about a double elimination. Especially, when they supposedly had a non pit stop. The non pit stops in the past have been boring and leaves you hanging too much. At least this time, the hang time was only seconds.

Instead of eliminating two in the first premier, I would have loved if they had extended the season, by keeping the extra team in longer.

For reality shows, the most important factor is the contestants, and it looks like I was right on when in comes to Lyn and Karlyn. They are lovable. You wanted them to do well, but they will struggle to stay in the race.

I was also right about Rob and Kimberly. They are going to complain and yell at each other the whole game. However, I don’t think that they will be the most hatable couple anymore. It looks like my projected favorite team, David and Mary, is going to fight more than Rob and Kimberly. Their only saving characteristic is that they still love each other and you can genuinely see it.

Also, it looks like my predictions for final three might hold together. It is still early, but I am going to hold to my predictions for now.

I am still not sure that these contestants have the chemistry to make a great season. However, if the challenges continue to be as difficult as the premiere, than the challenges just might make up for the contestants.


5 Responses to “The Race Eliminates Two”

  1. Sami said

    I felt bad for the first team that was eliminated, they didn’t even get to do a whole leg. I am curious as to what other surprises there will be this season. I haven’t really decided which teams I like and am rooting for just yet. I think I need a little more time to get to know them.

  2. alisonwonderland said

    it didn’t even occur to me that they were starting with one more team than usual. good catch, travis. it still made for some good viewing! :o)

  3. NatGo said

    I am rooting for the triathletes – she is fabulous (I have read about her – she was a covergirl on Runner’s World), and they seem to be kind to each other, which is rare for married/dating couples on the show. We’ll have to see how they hold out as things get more difficult.

    My daughter loves the cheerleaders and beauty queens. I secretly am cheering for them, too. We are all intrigued by the male models who are recovering narcotics addicts. More power to ’em!

    I was sad to see the East-Indian-American couple go home so soon – they really seemed to cherish each other. If my husband and I went on TAR, I hope we’d treat each other with that much love and respect.

  4. NatGo said

    I just wanted to clarify, as I misspoke – Sarah was not a “covergirl” on Runner’s World. Sarah is a triathlete and her determination and perserverance is an incredible motivation to runners of all abilities. So, she was not on the cover of Runner’s World because she is beautiful, like “covergirl” would imply, but was featured on the cover because she is worthy of our notice. Thanks for letting me clarify.

  5. alisonwonderland said

    so, travis, sami, natgo, whoever . . . what are your observations three legs into the race? (i ought to just post about it, but i haven’t got the time right now, so i’m hoping travis will and i can just comment!)

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