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Fall Preview: The Amazing Race 10

Posted by Travis R Grant on September 16, 2006

Perhaps the only reason that I even still turn on the TV anymore is because of The Amazing Race. Until LOST came around, The Race was the only show worth setting the VCR to record.

As far as I am concerned The Amazing Race is Survivor on adrenaline. If you have never seen the show, what have you been thinking? This is the reason the unscripted dramas were invented.

However, for an unscripted drama to be really successful, it really comes down to the contestants. The challenges are fun, but the real drama comes from watching the interaction between the contestants. So let’s take a look at a few.

Bilal and Sa’eed are best friends and Muslims. From what I have seen I don’t know that there is much to this team. Perhaps they bring some athleticism to the game, but I think that they are too overweight to compensate.

David and Mary are the parents of three children. If they can make it past the first leg of The Race, then I think that they have a chance. However, it all depends on how well they work together. I like this team because the have the average Joe feel about them. And I will definitely be cheering them on.

Dustin and Kandice are the buxom blonds that are standard issue with this show. Although they will say something about them being better players than they appear, I have to say that they will be like all other past beautiful girl teams; They just won’t be able to keep it together for very long.

Erwin and Godwin are brothers from California and the first Asian-American team on The Race. Although these are possible contenders, I just don’t hold out much hope for them.

Lyn and Karlyn are two mothers and best friends. Like David and Mary I think that they hold some average Joe appeal that my win them into the hearts of many viewers. I am also thinking that they may be the first to break the mom curse, and win.

Peter and Sara are both Iron Man competitors. That is a pretty awesome resume item when it comes to The Race. They cannot be ignored in this game. I see a future final three.

Tom and Terry are the over-represented gay population team. It still amazes me how many gay couples they have on this show. The gay representation sure out numbers the average homosexual population in the U.S. As a team, I don’t think that they are fit enough to make it through the first half of the show.

Vipul and Arti are billed as the first Indian-American team to compete in The Race. Why didn’t they bill Erwin and Godwin as the first Asian-American teams? Vipul and Arti might do well, but I don’t think that they will have what it takes to compete.

So, onto the predictions. I predict that the first out of The Race will be Dustin and Kandice. Bad for the ratings, but lends to the credibility of the show.

I predict that the final three will be Peter and Sarah, Tyler and James (you have to throw in the strong male team), and for the wild card position I say Lyn and Karlyn. Risky business predicting before The Race even start, but I will have final predictions later on.

My prediction for most lovable team is Lyn and Karlyn. My prediction for most hatable team is going to be Rob and Kimberly, the dating couple that this time will fight like cats and dogs.

I would love to see David and Mary win, but the average Joe couple seldom make it very far. So, as usual I will just be upset when they get knocked out, and I will continue watching the show anyway.

I am not sure about this season’s race. It just seems that people are typical, predictable, and nothing exciting. I hope that I am wrong, but if the contestants aren’t worth watching than the show isn’t worth watching.


One Response to “Fall Preview: The Amazing Race 10”

  1. alisonwonderland said

    Just one episode and we’re down to ten teams! But Dustin and Kandice are still in it! Can’t wait until next week!

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