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Survivor Pulls Another Publicity Stunt

Posted by Travis R Grant on September 15, 2006

You have all heard it; It’s probably the latest in water cooler talk. Survivor divided up the teams according to race. Yawn!

They have divided according to gender. They have divided according to age. This is nothing new to survivor.

Even though they are promoting it as a social experiment, it probably will be more racially dividing than we need today. Despite that I don’t think that race will play much of a factor in who wins.

It simply comes down to this. It is a game. And if a million dollars is on the line, you will jump tribe lines if you think that it will get you closer to the finish line. And if you don’t jump lines it isn’t because of race it’s because you think it will get you close to the finish line.

After having watched the show it was interesting that the racial division seemed to be more on the minds of the Latinos, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans than on the Caucasians minds. I don’t know the reason for that. I just found it interesting.

I am only watching the show because I have come to enjoy the show in general. But frankly these publicity stunts are really turning me off. Can’t we get back to the original show where the main factors were working with all people on the island to try to be the last player standing?

I guess when the rating start going down they feel that it is because it is getting boring, and that they need to make a change. But they are partly wrong.

It has become boring. But that’s because you always have the same stereotypical players: the beautiful, the strong, the aged, the alternative lifestyle, and the lazy.

Why don’t they look at their most popular past players? Rupert Boneham and Rudy Boesch were a couple of the more memorable players because they were real. They came across as someone you would like to have living next door. They were someone that you felt good about cheering on to the end.

Okay, maybe having two tribe of nothing but Ruperts wouldn’t make great television. But you need to have at least one Rudy in every show. You need to have someone everybody loves, and someone everybody loves to hate. So far, I am not sure that this show will produce that.

I think that people will be too stooped in the racial theme to be able to focus on who is the “good guy” and who is the “bad guy.” Only time will tell. But so far I really haven’t come to see the likeable character and the detestable character yet in this show.

I think that CBS’s little stunt will end up biting them back, because they sold entertainment for the price of a cheap trick.


One Response to “Survivor Pulls Another Publicity Stunt”

  1. NatGo said

    I have only watched three seasons of Survivor – All Stars, the one with Chad the amputee, and Palau. I think I’ve only seen three – I did watch both seasons with Stefanie and BobbyJon. See, this is the problem. I am an intelligent, articulate person, and I can’t tell them apart. I can’t get excited about it any more. It is so “been there – done that” to me. I understand why they are trying to shake things up – but I just can’t seem to make myself care. For the past two seasons, I’ve decided during the summer that I’d watch in the fall, and I never get around to it.

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