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The Path is Politics Free

Posted by Travis R Grant on September 12, 2006

While I couldn’t stand the yellow filter and the overuse of the close up throughout The Path to 9|11, I found this to be a very interesting show. My biggest concern as I watched was that this show would be very politically motivated. I expected that this show would be far too easy on the left, and way too harsh on the right.

However, after having watched it, I really feel that this show was fair. No political leaning was obvious. While, I don’t know many of the facts surrounding the history leading to the attack on September 11, I cannot help but feel that the producers of this show made every effort to be as accurate as possible.

There were mistakes made by the Bush Administration; The Clinton Administration could have done more. That wasn’t the point of this show. The point was that we were under attack, and we hadn’t been doing anything for a long time.

This was a powerful look at the evil that fights against us. This show points out that this war started before September 11, 2001. This is especially true in the case of the other side, the Taliban and al-Qaeda. They have been at war with us for years.

It is very much my impression that The Path to 9|11, was portrayed accurately and with the best information available. The timing for broadcast is probably right too. We have had time to mourn, and many of us are starting to forget. We needed this show to remember the wounds we suffered. We needed the show to help with the healing process.

While some of the directing was bothersome, the last half hour was the most powerful television I have watch in a very long time. My hat is off to all involved in this production.


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