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Fall Preview: Heros

Posted by Travis R Grant on August 30, 2006

It seems that after the great success of Lost, many of the major networks are trying there hand at putting together their own mysterious story. CBS has added Jericho, and NBC is trying it with Heroes.

And I think that these two new shows will both be a success.

Heroes is the story of ordinary people who discover that they have extraordinary powers. And these powers are also the interest of Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Suresh is the son of a professor who took on his father’s studies after his father mysteriously disappeared. Both the father and son were genetic scientists who are interested in the evolution of man.

As Suresh continues his father’s research he comes into contact with people who have extraordinary powers. He meets people like Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere). Claire is a 17-year-old, high-school cheerleader whose body cannot be destroyed. She has jumped from towers, walked in fire, and other terrible acts, but can’t seem to hurt herself.

Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) is a cube farm employee who doesn’t fit in with his Japanese coworkers. He spends what free time he has in the office trying to get the clock to move backward. Then one day it happens. Ultimately he learns to teleport himself.

Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) is an unsuccessful street cop, who wants to do more with his career but seems to be holding himself back. However, one day while on the beat he hears a voice, and it leads him to solving a case. But where are they coming from.

Suresh concludes that it is genetic mutation that has caused each of these and several others to happen. However, there seems to be something even deeper to their mysterious abilities, and Suresh is determined to find the root of these changes.

Because, many of us have wanted to fly, walk through walls, or stop the clock at some point in our lives. And this show will grasp at the heart of our desire to be more than who we are. We will all watch relating to one character more than to another and seeing ourselves in many of them. This show will be a great hit. We will wonder about the mystery and wonder about the people.

The acting, production, writing, and execution of this show will be right on. The show will draw the viewer in for an hour and leave her wanting more. I expect that this will be a great success.

On a values perspective, I must say that I am concerned about a couple of characters backgrounds and I wonder how they will play out in the end. Only as the show develops can I honestly say whether I will stay with this show or not.

Despite the fact that I think this show will be a success, I am afraid that with all the mystery of Lost, Jericho, and Heroes, something must go. Only time will tell which of these three proves to be the most entertaining. I think that Lost will keep it well established audience, and that the second place will fall to Heroes. While I like the Jericho story better, I think that more people will relate to Heroes and thus tune in.


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