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Fall Preview: ‘Til Death

Posted by Travis R Grant on August 23, 2006

I really struggle with comedies lately. It seems that the family comedy is almost completely extinct. When you turn on a proported family comedy it ends up being something that you wouldn’t watch with your children.

And I am afraid that Fox’s new comedy ‘Til Death, while not promoting itself as a family show, will ultimately prove to be a disappointment for me. The first clue is the name. With all the positive phrases to denote marriage, they had to pick a negative one.

While marriage is work and at times you aren’t sure if you can handle another minute with your spouse. There are wonderful times too. And while I wouldn’t want this show to sugar coat marriage, I just hope that it isn’t the bash on marriage show that it could digress to.

‘Til Death stars Brad Garrett as Eddie Stark who has been married to his wife Joy (Joely Fisher) for almost 24 years. And as with many marriages it has grown a little stale. The comedy is set when just next door a newly wed couple (Kat Foster and Eddie Kaye Thomas) moves in.

This juxtaposition of the new marriage and the old marriage is a great set up. The concept is fresh and unique. And the actors appear to be a great combination. I think this is a great next role for Brad Garrett. Ultimately, I predict that this will be a success.

However, it will end up being a disappointment in that too much humor will be made at the expense of marriage. This show could truly send the message that while marriage is hard, it can work and can be wonderful. However, I think it will send more of a message that marriage is just terrible and don’t bother; that the first few years of marriage are great, but after that it is just pure drudgery and not worth it.

I will probably watch a few episodes, and I will probably enjoy them. However, the negative messages will ultimately bring me to tuning out and finding a better way to spend my half hour.


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